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Programming quiz app to attempt quizzes in 20+ technologies such as Python, JavaScript, React, Java, Hacking, Android Development, Kotlin, and much more. Attempt various quizzes to test and enhance your programming skills. 💪🏻

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EaseQuiz is backed with quality content created by domain experts all around the globe. 🌏 Our experts have focused on various programming technologies and their core concepts to bring out amazing quizzes in which will help you learn, test, and enhance your skills.

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The quizzes are curated in such a way that you will get a balanced taste of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level questions.


It’s a small initiative by some nerds at Ease Programming! We promise to keep updating and bring more amazing and better apps in the near future.

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EaseQuiz - Programming Quiz, Interviews and eBooks

EaseQuiz is a small product by an upcoming company Ease Programming. The aim of Ease Programming is to make your programming experience easier.

  • 💡Interview Preparation - Not only quizzes but this app will also help you prepare for your programming interviews in 12+ technologies. It’s time to start thinking about the programming job that you might have always thought of. Our interview preparation section will help you prepare answers for the most common questions in that particular technology. Just look for a job!
  • 💡Downloadable Programming Ebooks - Have you been looking for resources to learn to code? Your search ends here. With EaseQuiz, you get a chance to grab the top programming books in various programming technologies to learn and master programming.

Anshuman Mishra


Great UI and interesting topics. There is a lot of scope for improvement: 1. Keep the quiz content dynamic. So that different questions come most of the time. 2. Keep the explanation of the answers/hints a bit more descriptive. 3. Include a time factor. Either per question or for the whole quiz. All in all the app is absolutely brilliant, and would grow a lot in the future. Highly recommended!! Keep up the good work.

Jinesh Nagori


A fantastic application with a good interface and graphics, very minimalistic design. Can be helpful to many people out there who want to learn. Top interview level quizzes 🔥💪 Thanx sir for your valuable efforts to develop this fabulous application.

Charanjit Singh


Great application with a good interface would be helpful for many people out there who wants to learn and who wants to keep up with all the concepts.

Darshil Pandya


Best app i have come across, good knowledge based questions and great app for personal growth. Keep it up!



Really liked it quizzes are just 🤩


Our Great Team

Keyur V. Ganatra

Founder, Developer, Manager

Jigar Acharya

Content Developer and API Manager

Mukul Gala

Content Developer and API Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is EaseQuiz application available for iOS?

    Unfortunately NO! EaseQuiz is not available for iOS platform at the moment. As of now, the application is available for Free for Android devices. But, we are working on it and soon the iOS or the Web version will be released.

  • EaseQuiz is an ideal application for learners. The content on EaseQuiz is created by top experts from all round the globe, thereby ensuring quality. Also, the content is curated in such as way that it has quite a good taste for all level of learners such as a beginner, intermediate or an expert. Give it a try!

  • Don't worry, we update our application and content regularly! Though we have a small team, we continuously try to add new features and content.

  • Yes, EaseQuiz is completely free! To get started, you just need to download it from the Google Play Store. Also, there are no hidden costs as well as the mobile appliction is Ad-free. It's Free! For the programmers, by the programmers!


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